There are many things that teachers don’t miss during their summer vacation. As a K-2 teacher, days can often be filled with unexpected and unpleasant events. Stepping away from all those tiny annoying things that can drive you crazy is very necessary. That’s why teachers NEED summer vacation!

Things Teachers Don't Miss During Summer

Top 10 Things Teachers Don’t Miss During Summer Vacation

10.  Loading reams of paper into the copy machine.

9.  Students raising their hands to ask, “What do I do?”

Teacher don't miss things during summer vacation such as students in classroom raising their hands to ask "What do I do?"

8.  Writing with a red pen or flair marker

7.  Trying to clear a paper jam in the copy machine

Teachers don't miss fixing paper jams in the copy machine.

6.  Hearing the long whistle signaling the end of recess.

5.  Trying to wait until my planning time to use the bathroom.

One thing teachers don't miss during summer vacation is waiting for a break to use the restroom.

4.  Waiting in line to use the copy machine.

3.  Being interrupted mid sentence by an announcement from the office.

2.  Watching the spinning wheel on my computer as it tries to load but we all know it’s gonna crash.

1.  Hearing a “code brown” announcement for the custodian to go to the kindergarten bathrooms for a messy clean up.

I won’t miss any of those.

I will miss the students, my fellow teachers, and those “light bulb” moments of learning. But I can wait until summer is over. Those are the reasons I became a teacher.

Back to School sign

I hope that you have enjoyed your vacation away from school. Have a great year!

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