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Free Number Poster Classroom Decor for Back to School

Classroom decor is trendy or traditional but shows personality.
Too crazy for the week I teach the shape unit?

Classroom decor is like a pair of earrings for a teacher. Those bulletin boards, anchor charts, and posters with matching borders and clip art give the classroom personality. Some teachers purchase a new trendy theme each year while others have their favorite theme that they keep up forever like grandma’s vintage pearl earring.

As a teacher, I know that teachers often reach into their own pockets to pay for way too much. I, myself, have purchased wet wipes, tissues, pencils, glue sticks, emergency birthday treats, extra snacks, stickers, and a million storage containers. Yes, a million. Personally, I believe I have an obsession.

FREE is one word that will put a smile on a teacher’s face. One of my goals in making teaching easier is to help teachers head back to school and start the year with a smile. I am crossing my fingers that I can put at least a small smile on your face by sharing some number posters for free. Check out the collection below.


Social and emotional well being is at the forefront of many schools as more and more evidence shows that students have gone through or are going through trauma. The faces showing various emotions just might be what some of those kids need to open the door to discussing their own feelings.

Barnyard Shiplap Chic

Those home decor fix it up shows are everywhere now. Have you caught the bug and watched an episode or two? A season? Planned a trip to visit a certain silo and restaurant in Texas, perhaps? I’m not judging. I might be one of those teachers who has thought about adding that as an item on the Summer To Do List. Perhaps, these old worn wood borders make this set perfect for you.

Black with Colorful Dots & Spots

Black is the new color to have in classroom decor along with bright colors. So this fun dot border may be perfect for your classroom. Your old plastic baskets might still go with all these fun colors. Then you won’t need an entire new collection of baskets this year. A bit sad to not shop for those, but you could still shop for something else new. Oops, I am trying to help you save money. On we go!


Pineapples are definitely sweet to have around. (Ok, I admit that was bad.) However, these pineapple borders are perfect if you want to imagine yourself teaching near the beach. It is a dream in which when the bell rings you can sink your toes in the sand, sit back, and wait for a tropical drink to be brought to you. Who wouldn’t like that vision?

I hate to admit it – but the clock is ticking. The new school year is almost upon us. You need to get that room ready for Day 1 when those new students come walking into your classroom. Grab a great pair of earrings and some free decor.

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Let’s survive the adventure of teaching together.

Have you ever thought

How about printing out extra sets for math activities or for flashcards? Hmmm, the possibilities are endless.

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Teaching 1st and 2nd Grade is a Challenging Job

Teaching 1st and 2nd Grade is a Challenging Job

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