The Purpose Behind the Blog

Teaching isn’t easy. I will be the first one to admit that. To survive, we teachers need each other. We are stronger together. My wish is to use this blog to support other teachers.

I started my teaching adventure in a district that wanted to add a special education preK program to the district. The only empty classroom was in the 3rd/4th grade building. Imagine my little 3, 4, and 5 year olds in the halls with all those “big” kids. My classroom was like an island. I sometimes felt like Giligan, making so many mistakes and not having a clue as to what to do. (Have you not seen an episode of Giligan’s Island?)

My teaching adventure continued. When I moved from teaching in that special education preK classroom (after 19 years!) to a regular 2nd grade classroom, it was a challenge. It was my “mid-life crisis” kick in the pants change that I always had in the back of my head. I knew I needed to do it. I was terrified about teaching the curriculum but that was not the part that I struggled with.

Getting the students to attend, making a seating chart that worked, finding the darn stapler… those were the things that were my kryptonite. I needed help! Luckily this time, I had a team of fellow 2nd grade teachers that I could call upon.

Unfortunately, we all aren’t in the same situation. Some school buildings and even districts are small and may only have one teacher per grade. Some have fellow teachers who aren’t open to sharing. Sometimes, you just get tired of always seeking help. I know those other teachers sometimes cringed when they saw me coming again. But I needed them.

Way, way back, when I first started teaching – there wasn’t social media to help me see what other teachers were doing that maybe I could push myself to try. I couldn’t jump on Pinterest for ideas. And a “blog”, nowhere in sight (or would that be site?).

I wished that I and all teachers had help. So the little spark became lit long ago. I wanted to help, share, inspire, and cry along with my fellow teachers who walk the halls struggling to make it to Friday, the end of the month, the end of the school year.

I opened my TpT store and the spark grew into a flame. I had been tweaking resources to get them to work in my classroom. So I started creating resources hoping that they would work for other teachers as well. And that little flame has slowly grown. Now with my blog, I hope to fan the flame and reach more teachers. So gather around my campfire and relax. Hopefully, a warm glow will come over your face and help you make it through another day, get the kids engaged, and find the darn stapler.

Come along as my adventure in teaching continues.

Let’s survive the adventure of teaching together.