Teaching often feels a bit like juggling eggs. The goal is to not crack any. However, handling classroom dismissal changes in the middle of the day is just one of the 10,000 different directions the attention of a teacher can be pulled. Unfortunately, any interruption can send the egg (your lesson) crashing to the floor.

At my school, there is an intercom system that is used to announce dismissal changes. This intercom system can talk to one classroom or the entire school. You know when an announcement will occur as there is a signal, or sound, that warns you someone will begin speaking.

The signal has you trained, like Pavlov’s dogs reacting when they were being fed. I hear that sound and my body tightens instinctively. My heart starts to race. My brain whirls. Now? Really? What could it be about?

Then a voice is heard sharing news that one of your students is going home a different way at the end of the day. Just a classroom dismissal change. Ok, fine. Got that. You take a breath as you know it is nothing huge. And the lesson continues. All is well.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, much later, like a lightning bolt, your brain recalls the interruption. Who did they say was the student? Which bus was it? Did I tell the student when they returned to the classroom?

Have you had these moments? Am I the only one? You might be lucky and work at one of those schools that doesn’t allow changes. I’ve heard that they do exist. My school, a few years ago, limited the changes so that they cannot happen after a set time of the day. But somehow, exceptions still sneak through.

Using these reminder cards is an easy way of handling classroom dismissal changes. And you can download these reminder cards for FREE.

This photo shows the classroom dismissal change notes that you can download for free.
Just print these cute cards and never forget a change again.

Print and cut apart the cards. Store the cards in a file folder for index cards or even a pencil box. Then find a place to keep them. As a result, the students will know right where to go when an announcement from the office occurs. Have a pencil handy and even a tape dispenser nearby. And you are ready!

Handling classroom dismissal changes is easy.  Just label a special container and find a spot to keep your reminder cards.

When you get the announcement regarding the classroom dismissal change, simply write in the name of the student plus the bus number, if needed. Or better yet, have that student write their own name or let the Class Helper handle that job. Add a piece of tape so that the note can be placed on the student’s desk. This will work perfectly – especially when students are out of the room when the office makes the announcement. At the end of the day during dismissal, teach the students to show you the note as they leave the classroom. These notes will help you with handling classroom dismissal changes.

Grab your FREE dismissal change reminder notes, head to the copier, and smile… because you’re ready to juggle those eggs again.

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