If you are a 2nd grade teacher, I bet some of your science lessons focus on teaching the diversity of life in various habitats. Teaching habitats is on my list of all-time favorite lessons.

One of my goals for this blog is to make teaching easier for other teachers. Another goal is to help teachers learn to love science. So I am combining both! As a result, I am sharing the green sea turtle and starfish edition of Diversity in the Ocean for FREE.

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Teaching diversity of a habitat includes observing the animals that call it home. To begin, start off with the mini book that focuses on the green sea turtle and the starfish. Each animal has three facts students can read. Then your students will write a sentence on the back cover about how the animals are alike and how they are different.

The book provides green sea turtle facts and starfish facts while teaching diversity in habitats.
Students can label the illustrations of the two animals or write a description of one of the animals.

I have included a page with illustrations of both animals so that students can label body parts and compare similarities or differences. Therefore, this page is perfect for your students who prefer to jot down brief thoughts and will enjoy coloring the illustrations.

For other students, they might shine in their writing. One page (shown above in the FREE download collage) has illustrations of both animals at the top. Students can turn those brief thoughts from the illustration page into full sentences. You could take a writing grade on this as your students practice staying on topic, adding details, using punctuation, etc.

Do you have students who need “When I am Finished” extra tasks? Use the description writing page that allows students to focus on one animal. This might be perfect for them! Allow a select few students to do a bit of research with some books or online links you can find. As a result, they get to extend their learning and everyone benefits when they present their written report to the class.

Add teaching diversity of life in various habitats to your science lesson plans. Start with the ocean focusing on the turtle and starfish. Teach it any way you decide. Differentiate and give the appropriate tasks to select students or use them all with the entire class. Additional teacher tips are included in the download too.

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