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Pattern in Space Dice Charting Activity
photo of my favorite animal craft and opinion writing
photo of action verb craft
Venn diagram and writing for Turtle and starfish
1st grade math worksheet
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Hi !

I’ve taught primary for 35 years
and want to help teachers like you.
I design a variety of materials
that will appeal to your students
so you can stress less.

I wished . . .

for better lessons and materials and that's how
my teaching resources store started.

Let me help you with tips, freebies, and a variety of materials and activities which will appeal to your students.

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Valentine’s Day Activities for 1st & 2nd Grade

plus Free Download 1st and 2nd Grade Valentine’s Day Activities Your first or second grade classroom is full of students who want to be your valentine. So make them happy and keep them busy with Valentine’s Day theme activities across all of the content areas. Students see just a hint

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Dinosaur Writing Activities

Get your first and second grade students excited about researching and writing when the activities focus on dinosaurs. Kids love them! So use their enthusiasm to build report writing skills. Dinosaur Writing Activity Begins with Research Prior to your students working on any writing activities, they need to learn how

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First Grade Science Patterns in Space Lesson Ideas

Your first grade students will feel so smart when you teach patterns in space science lessons since they already have some background knowledge.  Students have seen the moon and the stars up in the sky at night.  In addition, they have noticed the moon phases too as the moon “changes

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Reptile Lesson
Teach this science lesson about the traits of reptiles to your 1st or 2nd grade students.
You'll have reptile trait cards, a nonfiction book, banner, word search, maze, and several writing pages.
Get everything for your lesson.
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